January 28, 2024. The Head of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Brigadier General Henry Isoke, delivered a lecture on “Transparency and Accountability” to over 400 Head teachers from the Western region of the country at the Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi- NALI.

Some of the Head Teachers listening to the lecture on Transparency and Accountability

Brig Gen Isoke highlighted the various forms of corruption affecting the education sector including:

  • Headteachers inflating nominal rolls to embezzle capitation grant funds.
  • Conspiracy with district officials such as the DEO, Inspector of Schools, and Senior Education Officers.
  • Lobbying for transfers with the assistance of district education officials.
  • Lobbying for schools with large student populations, with numbers often further inflated.

He emphasized that these corrupt practices are a danger to the progress of the nation, eroding social trust, worsening inequality, and sabotaging development efforts. Brig. Gen. Isoke stressed that corruption in education leads to underqualified professionals, such as doctors, engineers, teachers, and pilots, resulting in substandard work and catastrophic losses.

Brig Gen Isoke presenting the lecture to the over 400 Head teachers at NALI-Kyankwanzi.

To fight corruption, Brig. Gen. Isoke proposed several measures which include;

  • Enhancing regular school inspections by district officials to ensure proper monitoring and accountability.
  • Encouraging community participation in school activities through Parent-Teacher meetings.
  • Implementing modern management systems and procedures in financial management, supervision, and evaluation.

He also urged headteachers to set a positive example for their students by fostering a culture of transparency and ensuring that the right actions are taken.

One of the Head teachers engaging with the Brig Gen Isoke during the presentation.

In conclusion, Brig. Gen. Isoke expressed his gratitude to Commissioner Patriotic Secretariat, Ms. Hellen Seku, and her team for their efforts in promoting patriotism across the country. He also engaged in discussions with Brigadier General Charles Kisembo, Director of NALI, on matters of ideology and leadership development.