After a period of five years, a 60 year old Nakabugo Robinah finds justice.

Having sought help from different government offices to no avail, she reported to SH-ACU a month ago and today, she has been paid her balance of Ugx 4.5m from a land transaction that went futile in 2015.

 Nakaweesa Florence the daughter to  Nakabugo informed us that her mother sold 10 acres of land on Block 127, plot 79 in Bugerere Nazigo, Kayunga district to Ssali Badiru at Ugx 12m. She was given a down payment of Ugx 7.5m and they agreed to handover the land title to him on completion of the balance.

Nakabugo (left) receives her balance from Ssali Badiru (centre).

Unfortunately, before Badiru had completed his debt obligation, he sold off 2 acres of the land to Bakayimbudde Waswa and other two ladies who forcefully obtained the land title from Nakabugo, inclusive of her National ID.

By the help of a city lawyer called  Kabugo Suleiman, the three forged a land transfer form with Nakabugo’s fabricated signature extracted from her National ID, and transferred the subject land to one of the lady’s name and another third party. This land was further subdivided into plots alleged for future sale.

As a result, Nakabugo has since then not been paid due to lack of credentials to guarantee completion of her transaction with Ssali Badiru.

The old lady sought help from Nazigo police station, but she was given no attention. Instead, the police officers to whom Nakabugo had reported connived with the land grabbers to evict the squatters on it. It is alleged that this land was further mortgaged for a loan in the bank.

On receipt of this complaint, State House Anti-Corruption Unit expedited the coordination to arrest the suspects. These appealed for an amicable resolution that yielded the payment of Nakabugo’s due balance of Ugx 4.5m.

Nakabugo receiving her balance