Exploitation of young people

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The Unit received distress calls through our call centre from Ugandans who had gone to the Middle East in search of work. Working with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Gender, Labor and Social Development, we repatriated more than 600 Ugandans who were suffering.  Six girls had died in the Middle East in unclear circumstances and the government returned their bodies to their families.

The Unit carried out investigations into labour export companies that were fleecing young people of their money by promising to get them jobs abroad. One billion shillings was recovered by Police from those companies and returned to the young people.

SH-ACU also intervened in the rescue of 40 girls before they were trafficked to the Middle East.  Benon Kunywana and Godfrey Kyalimpa, both directors from Middle East Consultants, one of the labour export companies, were charged with attempted human trafficking.

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