Traders urged to return Investor’s stolen goods, aid investigations

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April 9, 2024. The State House Anti-Corruption Unit together with the Criminal Investigations Directorate are investigating a matter in which a Turkish company, Iskenderun Fertilizer Inc. was defrauded over UGX2.2B in a transaction for supply of fertilizers. It is alleged that between May and September 2023, the fraudsters led by a one Mukasa Ronnie, while using a company Kureha (U) Ltd, duped the Turkish company into sending 28 containers each containing 540 bags of fertilizers to Uganda.

Some of the recovered fertilizers

Upon receipt of the goods, the fraudsters cut communication and put the fertilizers on market for sell. Investigations have so far recovered some of the fertilizers around container village.

Following that, the Unit together with police joined the leaders of container village to call upon the traders to return the stolen goods, aid with the ongoing investigations to arrest the fraudsters.

Traders of Container village where the stolen fertilizers are believed to have been sold

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