SH-ACU brings back a smile to Ahimbisibwe Rebecca

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In Oct. 2021, Ms. Ahimbisibwe  Rebecca ,a 29 year ambitious young woman was shipped to Dubai by Narisa Group (U) Limited with a promise  of securing her a house keeping job. Unfortunately, she left the country without notifying any of her family members.

On arrival she was disappointed to be escorted to a small confined shelter inhabited by over 50 helpless young girls that were praying and hoping to return home. In addition, her phone was taken away from her thus limiting communication with her family back home in Uganda.

She was starved and mistreated whenever she appealed to be brought back home.

Luckily, after some weeks of agony, she managed to get a phone and called her Sister, a one  Namara Ruth who followed up with Narisa Group (U) Limited Director Mr. Niwagaba Naris in a bid to return her. Her efforts fell on deaf ears.

Ms Namara Ruth reported the matter to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit on November 5th, 2021. The Unit swiftly swung into action by arresting the director and recording his statement. He was released on bond and tasked to expedite the repatriation of Ms. Ahimbisibwe Rebecca.

Ms. Ahimbisibwe Rebecca was brought back on January 14th, 2022 and re-united with her family.

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